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Download UMark Universal Crack

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Download UMark Universal Crack:

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We always take out a lot of time securing our data and adding copyright manually to it. But uMark Lite is a great program that helps to add watermarks to your data easily. UMark Lite can be used by adding watermarks to the data in the form of text, images. It is customizable if you want to do so. It allows you to decide one out of the nine possible positions to add a watermark, enter the text and also choose the font and the color of the text. Along with that, it provides a facility to customize the opacity of the watermark which makes the program irresistible. This program supports batch watermarking and thus process 50 images in one run.
But batch processing does not make it difficult either as it is a faster process. It stores the watermarked image in a new folder and prevents loss of original data. It supports BMP, jpg, gif image formats and the output image format is the same as the input. It gives high-quality results. It is very flexible in use accurate and also easy to learn. The program also removes the EXIF data from the watermarked copies. 
The download process is very easy and fast. The download file size is only 295kb, and the output images are clear, high quality and do not make the image blur, but it requires a the.Net framework for running and is supported on Windows 98/XP/ME/2003. It does not allow multiple lines of text and special characters in the text. So also does not provide facilities for watermark rotating and watermark tiling.


Tellurium - Material Design XenForo Style Free Download

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Catching up with the newest technology is our mission and vision. In Brivium, we desire to bring to our customers the newest experiences in the fastest time. That is why we created this style.

Tellurium is an amazing combination between the XenForo platform and Material Design of Google. You can easily experience the interaction with the users just in one screen.

Check out live preview at here.


Tellurium brings in itself all the characteristics needed to have with a “Material style”:
- Using an unique color for the whole web “dark blue”, etc ...
- The visual details are delightful, and the paradigmatic underpinnings — that interfaces are three-dimensional constructions, composed of layers of “physical” components — are refreshingly novel.
- Flat, simple but understandable icons: The navigation bar is simplified maximum to create an easy experience for new users.
- Interface is flat, has little or no color transitions, with or without black shadow effects
- All of Menus, buttons, scripts ... have much empty blanks so it looks airy


Balanced Payments (appthemes)

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Balanced Payments (appthemes)

With Balanced Payments, you can easily start accepting credit cards and escrow payments right on your AppThemes site today **.

The Balanced Payments Gateway completely integrates into your website to offer the best possible checkout experience. Plus, it integrates with new themes like HireBee to provide unique business models that make things possible like escrow payments. With escrow payments, a buyer can pay for a service initially and the money is not paid out to the seller until both parties agree that the service has been completed. With Balanced Payments, your microjob site just go a whole lot more awesome.

Balanced Payments also is a fully functional instant payment gateway. Use it to take credit and debit card payments in any of our themes, without redirects, third party branding, or logos. It just you, your users, and your site.

Requires Hirebee 1.2.1+.


  • Complete Site Integration. Customers don’t even know they’re using Balanced Payments!
  • Accept Payments from: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards.
  • Bypass PCI requirements. Balanced Payments takes care of it for you
  • Activated Account – Its easy to sign up. Also, see their FAQ to verify you meet their requirements.
  • AppThemes Product with Payments Support. Escrow support required for escrow feature.
  • Balanced Payments is available in limited currencies. Check with their website to verify your currency will work.
  • PHP version 5.3 or greater with cURL support.
Pictures shown the plugin being used with HireBee and several other payment gateways (not included).

** NOTE: Credit card processing works with all our themes. Escrow support only works with HireBee at this time. **

NOTE : Its a Nulled Version And Will Provide According to User Need...Comment Here We Will Get You Back If You Need the Plugin.

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Jobright - JobRoller Child Theme Free Download

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Jobright - JobRoller Child Theme Free Download


JobRight is a premium child theme for Jobroller.
Transform your WordPress web site into a fully functional professional job board with a good looking interface.
Jobright is a super awesome JobRoller child theme. It’s got a very clean, sleek, and modern design.
It’s perfect to create a unique Job board.

Key Features:

  • professional & Clean design.
  • Fixed and centered width.
  • Home page advertising banner logos areas are widgetised.
  • Search bar widget (no plugin required).
  • Banner slider (no plugin required).
  • 8 Advertising spots (logos) widgeted in the home page.
  • Pagination with numbers instead of next/previous page.
  • Styled menu managed from the custom menus of wordpress.
  • Sophisticated top drop-down menu with some intelligent functions to ease navigation to the dashboard and profile.
  • Designed search engine (radius ,inputs and button).
  • Job types labels designed to fit the elegant look of the theme.
  • Job listing excerpt.
  • Sub-menus enabled.
  • Job listers’ logos added to the job listings.(new)
  • Share the job to facebook.(integrated in the job listing blocks)
  • Footer designed with 3 areas (widgets.)
  • Full-width (no sidebar) page template created.
  • Cufon fonts Integrated.
  • All the website is same look and feel.
  • 5 Color schemes to fit all tastes.
  • It supports all Jobroller features and functions..
  • Multi-Language support.
NOTE : Its a Nulled Version And Will Provide According to User Need...Comment Here We Will Get You Back If You Need the Theme.

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AppThemes Coupons Plugin (Download)

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AppThemes Coupons Plugin (Download)

AppThemes Coupons are an easy way to start offering coupons to your customers. This is one of our most popular plugins!

With AppThemes Coupons, you can offer coupons with:

  • Flat Rate Discounts
  • Percentage-Based Discounts (% of total order)
  • Automated Start and End Times
  • Use Limits Per User or Total Uses
NOTE : Its a Nulled Version And Will Provide According to User Need...Comment Here We Will Get You Back If You Need the Plugin.

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CouponXL - Coupons, Deals & Discounts WP Theme Free Download

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CouponXL - Coupons, Deals & Discounts WP Theme Free Download

CouponXL – Coupons, Deals & Discounts WP Theme
CouponXL is the most complete deals, discounts and coupons wordpress theme. It is specialized for selling deals, discounts and coupons online. Also it is optimized and perfect for affiliates websites. Affiliate or discount, coupon or deal websites no difference, they will work perfect with CouponXL wordpress theme for coupons, discounts and deals.

It is fully responsive, SEO optimised, followed latest web technologies based on Bootstrap framework, clean code and light speed fast. CouponXL using premium PSD design for coupons, discount and deals valued 13$, it is included with this package.

Start making profit today with CouponXL – Coupon, Deal and Discount Wordpress Theme!

Coupons, Deals or Both
You can choose precise purpose of your website by picking one of the three modes, deal webiste where deals will be used only, coupon website where coupons will be used only or both included where deals & coupons will be included.
Perfect For Afiliates
Hide coupon links and use hidden links to cloak your affiliates so you can keep your partners secret.
Fixed or Percent Submit Fee
You can setup different fees for submitting coupons & deals. So fee for coupons & deals can be different plus they can be fixed or percent based. Or both or even free. All is possible with CouponXL.
Mega Menu Supported
Create your own unlimited awesome custom mega menus for any page you like using links or images (up to 4 columns). Very easy to set up by combining main menu and sidebar widgets.
Website & Store Offers
Allow customers to choose if they want to share buyer purchased price with website owner or if they want to earn from direct discount sales.
Make Profit
Allow all customers to submit offers, advertise their products & services, earn money trough your website, control payments smartly and keep all organized with awesome functionality.
Send Payments
Make single payment to each customer or make all payments at once with great administration payment tools.
Social Register
Allow all website visitors to become full members with social connect. So they can use Facebook, Google+ or Twitter profiles to register on the website.
Advertising Allowed
Advertisings are completely supported so you can copy/paste your advertise codes on any page you like, even on the home page, sidebars & footer.
Full Membership System
CouponXL allows website owners to choose if they want to allow registering on the website or not, which gives opportunity to use CouponXL only for affiliates for example , without memberships.
Awesome Profile Dashboard
Truly great fully automated My Profile front end dashboard where your customers can track each deal or coupon they submitted, purchased or they can track vouchers they have. Also they can edit their profiles, submit changes for some deals or coupons. They can track CTR very important vistors statistics and see what is the best way and what to advertise on the website.
Submit Deals & Coupons
Intuitive and modern designed submit deals & coupons page will allow your customers to enjoy submitting new deals & coupons.
Stores or Deals Geolocation & Map
From v1.5 CouponXL is possible to have map on home page or use shortcode with all map markers store locations or deals. All you need to do is to add long. & lat. to your stores.
Stores or Deals Geolocation & Map
Major improvements with permalinks to be translatable and used as pretty permalinks. That means that you can translate deals, coupons, offers and signs into SEO optimized links.
Those extra pages will allow your customers to pick deals and coupons directly from beautifullly designed category, locations and stores pages.
Child Theme Support
In order to keep your site always fresh and updated and to keep all changes even after updates, we provided full support for child themes.
Unlimited Color Schemes
Set up unlimited color schemes troughout website. Set color of the buttons, change main overall website color and brand your website as you like.
Unlimited Google Fonts
Set up any of 640+ fonts for your website. Also you can set up different font for titles and content. Beside that you can set up completely diffrent font for navigation.
SEO Optimized & SEO Friendly
This theme follows latest SEO standards with properly used all HTML tags. There are several pages which help your content to promote better like categories, locations, deal single with categories and tags and of course wp blog pages.
Payment Gateway
Fully integrated PayPal and Strpe payment gateway which means you can charge for each offer submitted. Beside that you can send due payments to your customers all at once or you can make single payments.
Different Deals Types
There are two different deal types you can choose, you can choose paid deals or affiliate deals.
Different Coupon Types
There is three different coupon types and few combinations of them. You can choose print coupon, affiliate link coupon and code coupon and you can mix them all with affiliate links.
Custom XML Importer
With CouponXL you can import any .xml and auto add as much as you like coupons and deals to your website with just few clicks. All you need to do is to prepare your .xml and that is it.
Full Support For External Importers
We understand customers needs and we have allowed all CouponXL buyers to have fully supported third party wp plugin importers like WP All Import and others.
Custom Email Messages
You can setup basic look and feel of basic email interaction between website owner and customer when they register, lose password or need to discuss some change with you.
Custom Login, Register, Forgot Password
There is several friendly custom pages like login, register, lost password etc. which will make better interaction between customers and website and will give them better overall feel and look.
Minimum WP Knowledge Needed
Really minimum of wordpress knowledge is needed to run succesfully your own coupon & deals business with CouponXL wordpress theme, it comes with One Click Install and really dedicated support.
Free Customer Support
Compeltely FREE dedicated customer support trough our specially designed forum where 24h is maximum waiting time.
Backend & Frontend Auto Discount Calculator
When submitting coupons or deals your customers have completely automated price calculation method so they will never use anything outside website to calculate right percentage or sale price.
Offers Ratings
Allow visitors and customers to rate deals and coupons so new customers will always be informed about quality of coupons and deals on your website.
Deal Comments
Beside ratings and other methods for customers to check quality of some deals and coupons there is really great comment system for each deal where your customers can track some deals, their quality and find out more from customers comments.
Grid Or List Layout
Your customers can choose between two awesome layouts, grid view or list view. Website owner/administrator can enable or disable this in backend anytime.
Sidebar Offer Filters
There are main filter on All/Search page in sidebar where your customers can easily access locations and categories they need. You can set up that filter to show or to hide empty
Page Filter
In page filter your customers can choose between layouts (grid/list) and also they can sort by ratings, time left or date published.
There is a popular coupons and deals which can be listed in specific page template designed specially with purpose to show only popular offers sorted by rate.
Easy to Translate & Translate Ready
CouponXL wordpress theme is fully translatable and in same time it is easy to translate. You can translate complete CouponXL with .po & .mo ready files, piece of cake.
Content Direction
CouponXL completely support RTL & LTR text direction. Some writing systems of the world like the Arabic and Hebrew scripts in which writing begins at the right-hand side of a page and concludes at the left-hand side. So simple choose desired website direction.
Deal Single Page
Deal page is beautiful, flat & simple and modernly designed to catch customers attention. There is great time lapse timer, items bought are, google map and so on.
Smart CTR Statistic
Today statistics and tracking visitors behavior trough websites are very important. CouponXL comes with CTR tracking system for each offer so your members can track their offers, their views, clicks and CTR stats easily.
PSD Included
Premium CouponXL PSD (13$) value is included with CouponXL Wordpress Theme so you have everything to unleash your creativity and start coupon & deals online business.
Custom Sidebars
A lot of custom sidebars will let you choose completely different widgets in different pages. Each page in Coupon XL WP have an option for sidebar.
Lot Of Widgets
There is 25+ widgets including properly styled default WP widgets. Also there is 16 CouponXL WP widgets, from Subscribe for newsletter to Twitter feed widget.
There is built in MailChimp newsletter where customers can sign up for your email list. Take control of your newsletter and email campaigns.
Time & Number Based Deals
Protect your clients and their business to be overaloaded with many unhappy customers. With CouponXL your customers can choose between time left deals and deals number of items left.
All Post Formats Included
You will get all post formats included with CouponXL wordpress theme so you can choose wide range of post types.
Easy One Click Install
No pain when installing CouponXL. Simple and easy with one click you can set up your website to looks like demo in full. So you can start building your website from there.
Font Awesome Icons
The complete set of 519 icons in Font Awesome 4.3.0 which allows you to create highly interesting content throughout pages.
Store Single Page
Each store have their own single page which is really powerfull for SEO and overall ranking.
Stylish Breadcrumbs
Switch Between two kind of breadcrumbs easily, one is with solid color or beautiful image in the background and the other is more standardized version great for keeping your visitors attention straight to content.
Random Code Generator
Completely automated random code generation system is integrated into CouponXL. From now you do not need to worry about generating and using codes/vauchers, all is completely automated.
CouponXL comes with ajax prediction based search for locations & stores which is built in to help your customers to find desired offers as fast as it is possible.
Initial/Default Location
CouponXL allows you to set up default loaction on first visit of the website.
Dashboard Statistics
Built in WP Dashboard quick statistics panels where you can see different types of statistic data like Coupons, Deals, Users and Earnings.
Social Share
Beautifuly designed social share on each deal, coupon or blog post will let your customers to share your posts and offers at light speed.
Notification Bar
Infrom your visitors about any changes related to your business trough CouponXL Notification bar which can be permanent or users can remove it.
Sticky Navigation
With CouponXL you can use your navigation in ‘sticky’ way or in normal way. In theme options you can choose between two modes of the navigation easily.
Lightspeed Fast
Really fast and secure.
Communication Allowed
CouponXL comes with great discussion based system between website owner and offer submitter. This makes so easy to follow your customers and their wishes.

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Flatter - A Responsive and Flat Child Theme for Clipper Free Download

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Flatter is an elegant responsive child theme for Clipper and part of our “flat design” series themes that include FlatPress for ClassiPress, FlatPage for Vantage and FlatRoller for JobRoller. With minimal graphics the pages load much quicker which is just great for any website.
The look of coupon listing and single pages has been revamped to give them an ultra-modern feel. The child theme comes with 11 colour schemes(!) and with dual navigation option that can be used to better manage your website. Not only that, there are practically just a couple of background images in the whole theme, which means and upgrade in look is firmly coupled with an upgrade in performance.
Moreover, it is possible to hide any widgets for mobile devices to improve load times and prevent the page from being too long, which is pretty much unique for any theme!
All in all, the child theme is a complete package for your successful WordPress powered coupon site – Flatter is better!

Key Features:

  • Fully responsive child theme
  • Elegant flat design with 11 colour schemes!
  • Force Open Affiliate Links: Make sure visitors never bypass your external/coupon affiliate links!
  • Dual Navigation: Extra navigation area below header with mega menus for stores and categories!
  • Choose between Responsive CSS menu or HTML Select menu for primary navigation!
  • Display store thumbnail showcase on homepage!
  • Different button colors for each coupon type
  • Theme options page to manage the look and feel of the website
  • Hide unwanted widgets on mobile devices!
  • Compatible with Clipper 1.4+
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Home Control for Clipper Free Download

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Home Control for Clipper Free Download

This plugin is only for the Clipper Theme home page.

The idea behind the plugin is to give a new look to your website’s home page easily through a widget without any developer help. Display more coupons in listing & grid view with tabs to display more than one categories.
The plugin makes Clipper theme home page widgetize and easy to manage. Via the plugin you should create/set new page template and it will make your home page widget ready by settings the page as home page from wp-admin > reading settings section. Both home page content section and sidebar via widget section can be easily managed (see plugin setup details).
The plugin adds additional widgets for coupon listing & grid view. For coupon stores, plugin added separate widget with display either popular stores or featured stored option.
Even you can also use other suitable widgets like text widget, coupons category list widget, stores list widget to show your content or as per your idea.
We making your home page easy to controlled via widget.

Home Control for Clipper Free Download

Additional Features

  • Clipper widget ready home page, easy to manage.
  • 3 possibility of home page, choose either home page as full width, left sidebar or right sidebar.
  • Manage home page content section and sidebar easy via widget.
  • Widget with Most popular stores & Featured store display options.
  • Featured coupon slide widget.
  • Additional widget for coupons list & grid view.
  • Attractive tabs view to show more than more category coupons.
  • Display more category wise coupons via tabs easy.
  • Use other suitable widgets like text widget, popular stores, coupon categories …
  • Attractive tabs style options and coupon code style options.
  • Making your home page easy to controlled via widget.
  • WordPress multisite completable.
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Earn Money With Out Any Investment (100% Genuine)

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How To Work

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Step 3:

Refer 100+ active members by using Referral link.

  • Nature of Work Click, View Earn.
  • No Investment Required.
  • All Countries Accepted.
  • This is not Quick to Rich program but you can earn more if u have active referrals Click, View, Earn.
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Download DriverEasy Professional v4.6.7.15798 x86/x64

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Download DriverEasy Professional v4.6.7.15798 x86/x64
If you're among the users who need to frequently replace Windows on your system and reinstalling drivers after installing Windows unnoticed or that one of the drivers for your system is missing you can use the Software DriverEasy Pro can solve your problem.

DriverEasy Pro software to K- Mac makes the drivers installed on your system and result in a backup then, after switching windows with the drivers installed on your system. It is also a powerful and handy application to download and update computer drivers. Simple software that can Karbrdyst missing hardware drivers through the Internet to find and download. Just let the software will scan your system once all the drivers installed on your system to identify the desired driver is available with the latest updates have downloaded and installed. You can download drivers from the other location to store and re-use it. It also displays detailed information about hardware such as card, graphics , sound card, RAM and motherboard is another feature of this software.

- Find the missing drivers and install them via the Internet
- The Mac store driver files downloaded from Internet and reuse
- Upgrade the installed hardware system to increase its efficiency
- Identify the hardware components installed on the system
- Ability to identify parts hidden
Performance - A quick search on the Internet and finding the connected components of the system
- Ability to identify parts and accessories connected to the system
- Ability to backup and restore OEM parts to them (backup and restore)
- Ability to remove (uninstall) the drivers installed
- Compatible with different versions of Windows
- And ...
1 - Install the software.
2 - Do not run the software and run the next time the state had to close it.
3 - Patch folder contents to the installation location software * Run the Patch.exe file copy operations do Patch. (Note: If using Vista or 7, you must run the Patch.exe file, right click on it and select Run as administrator option to work correctly Patch)
4 - Run the application.
FilePurpose links password:
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    Acronis True Image 2014

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